10 Super Easy Pose For Morning Yoga Workout

10 Super Easy Pose For Morning Yoga Workout New to Yoga? Struggling to find easy poses for your morning yoga workout session? We understand your struggles as a new yogi. You often wonder which poses to be practiced first and last for your morning yoga workout routine? Especially when you are a fitness folk, and trying yoga for the first time, you’re programmed to practice as reps in the gym. 😉 But wait! Yoga is a tool to reunite your mind, body, and soul by being aware (breathing) rather than an exercise to get it done timely. No workouts and exercise programs are so enduring as yoga. Whether its burning calories, losing weight, toning muscles, stretching, enhancing mental abilities, detoxing body and getting glowing skin. Nothing can replace the power of yoga. Now, its time to fall in love with your new-self by taking care of your mind, body, and soul with these 10 easy morning yoga workout poses. Remember , every day is another chance to look beautiful, eat healthier, act st

10 Effective Baba Ramdev Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss

10 Effective Baba Ramdev Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss Baba Ramdev is a household name known to all. He is well-known for his yoga asana's and his brand of Patanjali products, which are fast gaining popularity. Ramdev Baba weight loss tips are famous not only in India but internationally too. He shows us ways to stay healthy not only with yoga but also shows us different ways to eat right and stay fit. While explaining how to do yoga, he also explains each asana's benefit and why we are doing it. So get ready to shed those extra pounds by following his poses for weight loss! Baba Ramdev Weight Loss Programme: 1. Makarasana: This asana is otherwise known as the crocodile pose and one of baba Ramdev weight loss tips. This is ideally done early in the morning or after a session of yoga is complete. This asana helps with digestion. It also helps alleviate back and shoulder issues. It tones the abdomen reduces belly fat, helps in the smooth movement of bowels, and relaxes all